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The God-Life Assembly Zaria, is a dynamic vibrant church in the city of Zaria with a heart for the city. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is the Senior Pastor of the church, serving with several pastors in the body of Christ. The God-Life Assembly has been called to raise a pure breed of believers, a kingdom minded people divergent in assignments, roles and functions according to the distribution of grace, but unified in destiny pressing onward daily to be conformed to the fullness of the image of the Christ. God-Lifers as the members are fondly called are known for their worship culture, their word quest and their love life. In worshiping we remain under the presence, leadership and cloud of the Spirit. In the word, we unearth the ordinances and perception of God that we might order our lives thereby and in love, we keep the unity of the faith in the bond of peace, giving room for one another’s fault and shortcomings while we press towards perfection. We have been called to understand man, the kingdom and God’s purpose upon the earth and in turn use that understanding to appropriately respond to the demands of the kingdom, separating and consecrating ourselves that we might be that generation of kings and priests legislating the counsel of God upon the earth.We are but a house made for our father God and by us He is extending a hand of fellowship to you….

9 comments on “About Us

  1. Very interesting. I am interested in finding one of the songs I saw among your lyrics for Feb 5 2015. Its B’shem Adonai Elshaddai Rabboni. I have been looking for it and will appreciate if you could direct me to where or how I can get it.


  2. Good day, I’m yet to download the song B’shem adonai through the link you gave. I’ll be glad if It could be sent to my mail. I really want to listen to this song. Thanks!


  3. pls. how can I get those worship songs sang on Sunday 5th July. here is the phrase of the lyrics…. father, I adore u, I lay down my life before u, how I love you.

    and the other one goes thus. you’ve entered my heart, you set me apart, I love u LORD. I love u LORD. u’v given me life, u’ve open ma eyes, I love u LORD I love u LORD.

    thanks in anticipation. keep me posted via ma mobile pls. 08095014041


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