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No matter how you have attained or you think you have attained in God, there is still that place for the thirst, there is still that place for more which is why someone like Paul who wrote so many books in the Bible will stop in Philippians 3:10 and give his profile; how that he was a Pharisee, he was circumcised on the 8th day, he was from the tribe of Benjamin, the son of the right hand; he didn’t lack any qualifications earthly speaking. He gave all his qualifications and what he was doing to please God, then he said, he counted everything as dung because of one thing, just so he could be able to press to know Him.

To Paul, all he had known, the books he had written, were nothing compared to the fact that there was a thirst seated deep inside him – that thirst was to know Him.

In Exodus 3, Moses been schooled in the art and science of Egypt, will leave Egypt because there was something inside him that was not right. He recognized the fact that he was hungry for something different, he recognized that what he was receiving was not what he was supposed to receiving, he recognized that there was something more, and in a quest to attain it, he left the palace.

The bible recorded that for 40 years, he was doing so many things; then he will stumble in the wilderness on an encounter with God in a burning bush, and God will speak to him giving him the mandate.

Reading the story of Moses depicts the state of Christians today. When God gave him instructions of what to do, he gave excuses – I stammer. Sometimes you might read the scripture and say this guy saw the burning bush yet he gave excuses; but that’s what we do. Every day you go to God and pour out your heart to him; one of the sure things is that, you receive instructions but you leave giving excuses – I am too young, I don’t have cash, there is so much I can’t do now…

But Moses did one remarkable thing; and that is where most of us miss it. For example if God tell you to go into music, you stand up and start releasing albums but Moses asked; what should I say, who should I say sent me? I have gotten the assignment but I need details. You might get the assignment and get up and do stuff and God will not be in it. So Moses asked for details, “ I am going to stand before this people, yes I have agreed but who will I say sent me? These people know their God, I don’t, so who will I say sent me? And God will tell him “I AM”. At that point Moses was not going to get specifics and that’s what happens many times when we ask God, what do you want me to do?

God was giving him a blank cheque; whenever you are encountering any situation, I AM – I can be health when you need me to be, I can be the deliverance when you need me to be. Don’t just go like Abraham saying Elshadai – Abrham encountered God providing so he called him Jaire; but this time what I am about to do is beyond the ordinary so don’t tell them I am the God that will deliver them, because they will be delivered and they will need more (they will need food and water) so when you go to them, tell them that I AM, I am ready to show up in whatever capacity that is needed.

So Moses got up from that experience and went in the strength of what God told him.

A man later came walking on earth and people would ask him; who are you? Are you the one we were expecting? And for a long while he tried to avoid answering the question. In John 8:24 He said; I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins (KJV).

What He was saying was that you will die in your sins if you don’t believe that I AM. You keep comparing me to Moses all the time I come to you. At a point He was angry and said, I am not even in the Moses category; before Abraham was, I AM. That means I am coming and I am not coming just as the healer or the deliverer but in the capacity you need me. Jesus said at a point that, it is the sick that need a doctor: at that point he was coming as a healer. At a point when somebody was dead, He said I AM the resurrection and the life; you don’t need to wait for another day; I AM. At a point there was darkness and He will come and be like while I am here, I am the light of the world.

So the person that appeared in the burning bush to Moses appeared this time in the flesh, walking the streets of the earth as the I AM. The very Christ was walking as the I AM.

In John 18:5 when they came to arrest Him, standing with Judas, they asked him, are you the Jesus of Nazareth, He said I AM and the Bible recorded that all of them were slain. He didn’t just come to talk but to show that in every capacity, He was the I AM that Moses encountered. So it grieved him anytime they compared Him to Moses or any of the prophets; because here was God standing before them and they did not know.

When He was about to go, He said I am not going to leave you comfortless; I am going to leave you with the Holy Spirit. He said the spirit will lead you into all truth. When Jesus was on earth, whatever dimension of the truth they required, they asked Him and He lead them into it. The Holy Spirit is now on earth and the Bible says he will lead us into all truth; that means there is a type of the I AM inside us. So you don’t need to go out asking questions, all you need to do is sit deep within that well and draw from Him and that answer will come –  THE I AM.

He was going and while giving a commission to the believers; he said you will lay your hands on the sick and they shall recover, He gave so many things that were beyond the ordinary because He knew that at a point, the I AM will come and live inside us; and the I AM was going to make everything that seemed impossible, possible. So are you a Christian thinking lets just live or you are a Christian with the realization that the I A M is in you. Just the way Jesus was a solution to this world, so we are. We are that same solution.

Sometimes you go through stuff, suffering, thinking God wants to make you better; there is a time where God would want to make you better and take you through stuff, but if your stuff has been lingering for long and you don’t have a word from God to hang unto (like Paul who had a definite word from God – God told him my grace is sufficient for you; he had a word to hang onto), so if you are living in a position without a word from God to hang onto, you are not going through process. And the heir as long as is remains a child the bible says he different from a servant.

It is religion to think everything is from God, so lets just accept it the way it is. Imagine Jesus walking and seeing a mad man, would think God just made him mad and He would walked away. It was in the life of another person but it was enough to provoke him to know that, that’s not how it is in heaven; and some of you just go through stuff which don’t depict the character of Christ. You are going through struggles that even you, you have prayed and you know that it’s not God, but just because you have this simple idea that when you pray once and it doesn’t work then it’s God. No it’s not.

Isaac told Esau that when the york is too much on you (when you realize that this is not ordinary, there is so much to you than what you are experiencing then you will break from it). What most of you need is not the laying on of hands, it is the realization that you are better than what you are, God has made you better than what you are; you have the life of Christ, you have the spirit of God in you, the I AM is seated inside you, when you realize all these, you will stop struggling endlessly. So please wake up; because nobody will help you especially if you are a believer.

Take responsibility for your life; it’s irresponsibility for you to think you can’t do something about your situation. What about the power you have? Where is the authority that the Bible says has been given to you? What are you using it for?

You cannot be falling sick weekly and think you will bring healing to the nations, because you can’t give what you don’t have.

God has given us all things in Christ, it is my responsibility to get it. God has made me all things in Christ, it is my responsibility to become that. I have the spirit of sound mind, it is my responsibility to have a sound mind. God has not given us a spirit of fear so it is my responsibility not to be afraid.

Most believer want to do exploits but they don’t know how, because they don’t ask questions. You might be running your course all the days of your life not knowing, just because you refused to ask. Let’s be responsible enough to ask God, I know you’ve made me who you want me to be but how do I become that? I know you have made me into the perfect image of Christ but how do I walk in this perfection? That is our responsibility.

 Pastor David Adah Ichima

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One comment on “Ask Questions

  1. I can’t explain how blessed I am through this.
    I woke up with “yahweh” rolling in my spirit some days back.i checked for what it meant and traced it to “I AM”, the name of God given to Moses.i read that passage but didn’t get this dimension of the explanation cuz I didn’t do an indepth study.
    I thank God for leading my steps here and giving me an explanation even when I didn’t sit still enough to listen.
    God bless you sir


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