Thursday’s service (27th March, 2014)

Message by Pastor Daniel Bawa
The power of the endless life.

Each time we have the opportunity to talk and be with the Holy spirit, we plunge in with all we have. Don’t ever out-grow His presence. His presence is rare, He is looking for a people whose hearts are ready, a people who are true worshipers.
There is no better time to be alive than now, it wasn’t by accident that He chose us. Now more than ever, we must be careful with our words, our words should reach out to people in the right time and should be seasoned.

Romans 8:1-11
Revelation 12:11
Until the interpretation of the word of God is given to you, you don’t have it. It doesn’t come to you the way you want it, so allow the Holy Spirit pour out light to you.
Rev 12 talks about the woman and the dragon. We are a whole package in God but in the midst of it, we must know and understand the times and the seasons. The blood of Jesus brought the division of the old and the new testament, and the old and the new realities.When ever the devil tries to make you feel unrighteous, what you should remember is the BLOOD.
There is a reality at the end which we all must overcome.

Genesis 3:15: The judgement of God upon the serpent and the seed of the woman.
The serpent in Gen 3:15 has grown into a dragon.The bible says in Rev 12:11 “they overcame by the blood of the lamb by the word of their testimonies and they love not their lives unto the death”. When we achieve this reality, we go to rest reckoning that we are dead and Christ lives now in us. By ourselves we are nothing, but by the Lord’s authority, what we know and the identity of Him that we carry, we are what we are by the word of our testimonies. “and they love not their lives unto the death”… they were persecuted because of their faith, and put to shame but for knowing the words of their testimonies, by knowing the blood of the Lamb, for the joy set before them, they loved not their lives even when they were being put to death and they counted their tribulations all joy.

About the command of God on waiting,
Matthew 27:16
Acts 1:1-7 “the dimension that carries the power of God”
John 20-22; Acts 2
We must learn to see the scripture as it happens. Once the holy spirit comes upon you, and you reckon the blood of Jesus that was shed for you on the cross, you begin to speak in the language of others, spiritual language, speaking everyone to his reality. Also know that the holy spirit is not restrict to speaking in tongues alone. We overcome by taking territories.

The more of God you have inside of you, the more you hunger for God. You cannot hunger for a food you have never tasted, heard of nor have perceived the aroma. Let eternal river flow out of our belly from the abundance of the goodness of God that has been in us. We cannot be a blessing to people if our river is not overflowing.

Pst Oluwatobi
What we want now is not Jesus because we have Him already. What we need is the Holy Spirit. One thing that the Holy spirit does is to drive you out of church.(Acts 1:8) Let us thank God for the gift of the Holy spirit upon, within and inside of us.