Pastor Chris Delvan’s Epistle to The God-Life Assembly during “Ways of the Spirit”.

Dear Sirs

Welcome to CAMPMEETING 2014!!!

I regret that contrary to my declarations last camp meeting I am conspicuously absent.
This I can assure you is not as a result of fickleness on our part, but the demands laid
On us by The Lord! Whose we are and whom we serve with our lives.

Although I am absent in the flesh yet I am there in the Spirit with you! Halleluyah.. I would by the same Spirit in whom you have been sharing and rejoicing remind you that the emphasis of the Spirit is that we in our discussions RECALL all that has been committed to us in times past and to meditate on them until the juice of it is settled in our Spirits. We must escape the leaven of irreverence and not fall where previous generations have!

We are not Gods best by achievement and personal qualification, but by His election. He kept us for last because He has a plan! He kept us for last because He has prepared an outpouring of grace for this end time to which He preserved us! He commanded His Angels to specifically look out for us for this time!! All the resources of heaven have been conditioned to prepare and finalize us for this time!!! We will overcome not as a generation of achievers, nor of strength but as one that made it by God ONLY!!! If we let Him bare us on wings as an eagle, if we let Him be seen, if we let our weakness and incompetence be read, as we ascribe greatness , wisdom and power to Him in all we do, then we would be the greatest generation! The best for this hour that is.

In a play of words I would that you note the word ‘generation’ is a GENE RATION that is to say: we are The ration of leadership gene for our time. We are the gene reserved for this time. We are specifically chosen for the TASK OF NOW! We are not an accident! We are carefully thought out ; each one of us! Deliberately selected as supremely reliable for the task at hand.

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